Social responsibility

The tourism business is giving a positive effect on Nepal's economy. However, there are some negative effects of tourism on environment and culture nowadays, so the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is being popular in travel and tourism industry in Nepal. As a group providing travel services and products, we believe it is compulsory to be a responsible corporate organization, to enhance and make better the community that we live in. Responsible tourism is necessary as it is a responsibility of each and every one of us within the tourism industry. Since our business and our occupation depend upon the continued existence of the natural environment, it has always been our policy to organize trips that leave behind as little litter as possible. Lessons have been learned from the past and all present crew try to leave behind as little human residue in the visited areas.

Namaste Treks have always been responsible towards the community we live in and constantly making efforts to bring positive change in the environment along with the lives of local people living in same society. We are committed to minimizing the negative impact of tourism and enable you to ‘take only photos leave only footprints’. We encourage programs and frequently participate and/or initiate clean up campaigns to promote awareness as well as maintaining a clean and healthy living environment. We do our best to create a conscious awareness among travelers to realize the importance of responsible travel. As a part of this, our guide brief group members on the importance of conservation of the environment, before the tour begins.

The devastating earthquake of 25th April and 12th May was a tragic misfortune for Nepal in which some touristic sites of the central region and its surrounding area was affected. The disaster was a big blow for the trekking community nevertheless the situation is gradually recovering and Nepal is doing its best to improve its tourism activities.  Namaste treks have made efforts to help many people to make their shelter in different parts of the affected area. With the support of the international personalities; Joanne Greenberg from America, and Slawek Kulis from Poland, we have distributed goods and foods, made temporary shelters, rescued the victims and also held medical camps for their relief. Joanne and Slawek both have been a big help to us and the victims of the earthquake. They went beyond limits to help the needy people in that affected area.

Namaste Treks is aware of the importance of giving back to the communities: we, therefore, assist to enthusiastic individuals, groups and organizations on the genius support to local community’s development for school and college building, reconstructing cultural heritages, building temples and drinking water project in the remote region. We have supported building around 7 primary schools in the rural areas of Nepal. Netrawati  Samudayik Campus is one of them which we supported on building at Dhading district. We have done best we can to construct drinking water tap in the rural areas and still are in progress to do it in future.  We have been active in helping a small group of orphans with donations of cash, clothes, toys and personal care for the betterment of these children’s lives. We support different remote village’s children and community to sustain by participating together in helping a poor and helpless child for better education, women empowerment, and bio-agriculture farming.

Namaste Treks believes in caring for all our staff from Trek Leaders to Sherpas, Cooks, and Porters. We ensure good pay, life insurance, helicopter evacuation, as well as the equipment and clothing needed for porters and each member of staff and are committed to improving their livelihoods. They are our kith and kin as well as the backbone of trekking in Nepal. No wonder all of the staff including porters want to work for us over and over again.

This means while you are traveling with us you are contributing something to the aid in helping every one of them. By the involvement of tourists in this new and dynamic form of travel we hope to not only inform but to educate people to help us preserve Nepal's multi-regional diversity. We are doing our best to preserve the natural ecosystem of Nepal, to help in the growth of an economy, to help the poor and needy people and to preserve our cultural and cultural heritages. We will keep being responsible organization always.


Fig: Relief Distribution Program for Earthquake Victims of Tripureshwor - 3, Dhading, Nepal                                                     

 Namaste Treks  Social Responsibility

Fig: Destruction From Earthquake                                     Fig: Helping the earthquake victims with some funds

Fig: Support for drinking water project                            Fig: Support for buildind school and colleges in Dhading