Very Highly Recommended

A friend & I had gone on a Gokyo trek with Shanker Rimal in Oct 2013. Shanker had come & met us on the day we arrived in Kathmandu. As we didn’t know what gear we required, he took us shopping & advised us on what we did & didn’t require, all within our budget.

But it was only once we landed Lukla & started the trek, we realised that Shanker was more than just a guide; he was a doctor, an advisor, a motivator & a friend.  He is very relaxed & knows how to match any pace, weather it is fast or slow.  He took us to the best teahouses along the way & always got us the best rooms; in Namche Bazaar he got us the only en suite room in the entire teahouse. He knows every short cut along the way & where all the scenic points are, every evening he would explain to us what the terrain was going to be like the next day & what we required to carry with us the next day. We trusted Shanker’s advice a lot along the way & it never let us down.

I am very happy to always have a friend when I return to Nepal. 

Donovan Ferrao, Kuwait City