Shanker is also an excellent guide

If you're thinking of trekking in Nepal, do yourself a favour and book with Shanker at Namaste Treks. I was lucky enough to have Shanker as my guide for our trek to Everest Base Camp, and from the moment we met him in Kathmandu he made us feel confident, at ease and able to just enjoy the experience. I was trekking with my brother and another friend, and like many people we were super excited but also a little apprehensive about things like altitude sickness.

Shanker would never dismiss a concern, and always took the time to listen and respond to any questions or queries. We always felt in safe, responsible and experienced hands - safety always came first. Shanker is also an excellent guide, we loved hearing his descriptions, stories and occasionally listening to him sing a Himalayan tune while trekking through the mountains - a pretty magical experience. Shanker also speaks excellent English. As someone who does my research pretty thoroughly for things like this, I would absolutely recommend going with Shanker at Namaste Treks. You will have the time of your life, and will miss him when you go.

Madelaine Love, Sydney, Australia